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Treasure Island Beach sand castle
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Best Beaches for Family Vacations

For family vacations, the best beaches are those that offer lots of things for everyone to do. Even better is when they’re close together so parents can keep an eye on the kids. And if you want to be near the water but away from large waves, look for a beach with gentle swells. For vacationers who like tourist attractions, there are beaches close to major cities. Here is a list of the best beaches for family vacations:

1. Treasure Island Beach in Saint Petersburg, Florida

This beach features 56 public parking spaces, restrooms, and showers. The gentle surf makes it good for children while the multiple picnic shelters make it great for families on vacation with small children.

2. Gold Coast Beach in Palm Beach, Florida

This is a great family-friendly beach that offers free parking. It has restrooms, lifeguards, and picnic areas that are popular during the winter months. The gentle waves make it good for young children. If you bring your dog to this beach, remember they must be on a leash.

3.  Hampton Beach State Park in New Hampshire

This protected beach is near the Portsmouth area and has a playground, picnic areas, and a concession stand. Even though it has a flat shoreline, there are no lifeguards on duty because of its remote location. The gentle swells make it good for young children.

4. Nags Head Beach in North Carolina

This beach is on the Outer Banks and has parking, restrooms, showers, lifeguards, and lifeguard towers. There are also picnic shelters for families on vacation with small children or groups of people who would like to share shelter space. The gentle waves make it good for young children. This is a popular surfing area so plan to stay close.

5. Hammerman Beach in Port Aransas, Texas

This beach features restrooms, showers, lifeguards, and rental equipment for fishing, swimming, or surfing. It’s also popular with families on vacation with small children because it has lots of pools for wading that are separated from the main surf by jetties.

6. Stump Pass Beach State Park in Florida

This beach provides an unguarded swimming area with a concrete ramp for launching small boats and kayaks. It also has a swimming platform, showers, restrooms, fishing piers, a campground, and a concession stand. The gentle swells make it good for young children.

7. Siesta Beach in Siesta Key, Florida

This beach has a popular surf school for learning how to surf and kayak rentals for exploring the Gulf of Mexico. The gentle swells make it good for young children while the lifeguards provide added security during swimming hours. This is a very popular beach so plan accordingly.

8. Harrison Beach State Park in Missouri

This beach has campsites, restrooms, showers, picnic shelters, and lifeguards. It is popular with swimmers for its gentle surf and wading pools that lead into the main surf. Camping areas are close to the water which makes it good for families on vacation with small children.

9. Galveston Beach in Galveston Island, Texas

This beach has restrooms and showers as well as a wading pool for younger children. The gentle swells make it good for young children while the lifeguards provide added security during swimming hours. This is a popular surfing area so plan to stay close. It’s also within walking distance of many tourist attractions.

10. Davis Bayou Beach in Panama City, Florida

On the eastern shore of Panama City is a beach with a fishing pier and a jetty. The gentle swells make it good for young children while the lifeguards provide added security during swimming hours. This is a popular surfing area so plan to stay close.
Good luck with your search for the best beaches for family vacations. Traveling with young children can be especially challenging but a little planning goes a long way in helping make it easier!

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Travel Destinations

Romantic honeymoon destinations in Nepal

Nepal is a country located in the Himalayan region of Asia, with borders to China and India. Nepal has many beautiful destinations for honeymoon travelers. Here are some of the most romantic places to visit on your honeymoon:

– Sagarmatha National Park – this park has many natural wonders that range from subtropical forests to snow-covered peaks. It’s home to Mt. Everest, Earths highest point!

– Pokhara Valley – Pokhara Valley is one of Nepals most popular tourist destinations because it’s known as “the city of lakes.” There are hundreds of different types of flowers here, making it an ideal place for honeymooners looking for peaceful beauty. 

– Kathmandu Valley – this valley was the first settlement of Nepal. The capital city Kathmandu is located here, as well as many other culturally important cities like Patan and Bhaktapur.

– Chitwan National Park – honeymooners can enjoy an exciting safari adventure in Chitwan National Park! It’s known for its wide array of wildlife including Bengal tigers, crocodiles, leopards, rhinos and deer. 

– Phewa Lake Resort – if you’re looking to relax on your honeymoon instead of chasing after wild animals through a jungle then head over to Pokhara Valley where you’ll find serene views at Phewa Lake Resort. There are also opportunities for canoeing or kayaking near the lake, for the more adventurous honeymooners. 

– Thamel – this is where you’ll find Kathmandu’s main shopping street and numerous restaurants to try different cuisines while on your honeymoon in Nepal. It’s also known as an area with many bars and pubs if that fits into your travel plan! 

– Mount Kailash – Honeymoon travelers can make their way up to Mt. Kailash, located at the border of Tibet (China). The mountain has religious significance for four major religions: Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism & Bon Po religion which means it should be very special place to visit during a wedding celebration or engagement period.

Dhulikhel – Honeymooners can enjoy the peaceful views in Dhulikhel, which is a town located at an altitude of about 2000 meters. It’s surrounded by lush green hills and forests so you’ll have plenty to see during your stay here!

– Pashupatinath – if you’re looking for some religious experiences on your honeymoon then head over to Kathmandu where you’ll find many ancient temples including one dedicated to Shiva, known as Pashupatinath Temple. 

Nagarkot – Honeymooners can enjoy the spectacular views of Mt. Everest as well as other Himalayan mountains from Nagarkot, which is a town located about 25km away from Kathmandu!

– Langtang National Park – Honeymooners that are interested in trekking will love visiting this park where you’ll find some trails leading to glaciers and lakes. 

Bhaktapur Durbar Square – Honeymoons couples should definitely visit Bhaktapur Durbar Square where there’s plenty of things to see including temples & old palaces. It was once an independent city so it has many historical buildings dating back centuries ago! 

Namobuddha Stupa – Honeymooner looking for something unique might want to head over to Namobuddha Stupa where you’ll find a large Buddhist stupa that was built in the early 19th century. 

Gorkhanath Temple – Honeymooners might also want to visit Gorkhanath Temple which is located about an hour and a half outside of Kathmandu and it’s dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati! There are many other temples nearby as well if this one sounds interesting so plan on spending at least two or three days here for your honeymoon trip.

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