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Cruise Ship Vacation Tips

A vacation on a cruise ship is one of the best escapes you can take. On many cruises, you are treated to amazing food, entertainment, games, luxury service, and relaxing days by the pool or on the shore.

Cruise ships are always looking for ways to make their cruises more comfortable. Cruise ships have doctor facilities stocked with medications for seasickness, they have most major languages spoken by crew members and many even offer “concierge” services that help you arrange any kind of trip ashore.

You might think that all of these things come with a high price tag, however, they don’t. Cruise lines are in the business to make money but also to help you to have everything you need without spending too much.

Here are some tips for your next vacation on a cruise ship. Remember, they won’t make your trip any shorter but they will make the time spent relaxing and laying by the pool more enjoyable!

1) The best time to get a good deal on a cruise is when the ship is not full. If you want to know when that time will be, check out sites that track reservations. You can find websites that tell you how many cabins have been booked by looking at a division of the company in charge of selling cruises.

2) Beware of hidden costs. If you book a cruise, you will not have trouble finding out in advance what the basic price of your ticket will be. Keep in mind that they don’t include in that price things like port charges and fuel surcharges.
3) Bring any medication you can with you on board the ship instead of buying it at ports of call. Ask your doctor for prescriptions if you need to have refills while on vacation.

4) Bring your own bottled water onto the ship. It’s not expensive but it is definitely less expensive than buying it at the store or even on screen. You just might be able to bring it right into the pool with you!

5) If you want to take part in a shore excursion, do some research on your own before booking one through the cruise line. There is nothing wrong with purchasing an excursion from the ship but if you book it online ahead of time, you may be able to save some money and still have a great trip.

6) Learn about each port of call before you get off of the ship. In addition to booking your own shore excursions, do some research on each port so that you can have a great time during your stay there.

7) Get a good night’s rest going into a cruise. If you are running around and not resting enough, it will be much harder for you to get a good night’s rest on the ship. In addition, this will make you more likely to get sick during your trip so pack some medicine for motion sickness and take it with you!

8) Don’t eat too much before going to bed. There is a lot of food on cruise ships but if you go to bed bloated from over-eating, you will sleep very fitfully. You can always eat some light snacks while up on deck if you wake up hungry.

9) Take advantage of your concierge service. This is a new service offered by some cruise ships that allow passengers to book all of their shore excursions right on the ship instead of having to go ashore and do it themselves.

10) Splurge on your stateroom. If you are working this trip into your budget, allow yourself to spend a little bit extra for the best room that you can get. You will be spending at least half of your vacation there so you want it to be comfortable!

So there you have it! Ten great tips to make the most of your cruise ship vacation. By following a few simple guidelines, you can save money, enjoy yourself more and relax without any worries. We hope that you will be able to use these tips on your next trip – whether it is on a cruise ship or another type of vacation!